Central Fire Station

Central ARTSTATION is housed in the former Central Fire Station, built in 1922. It was used as the City's main fire department until 2004 - if these walls could talk!

The Catalyst

In 2009, Shreveport Regional Arts Council's (SRAC) offices were burnt to the ground in an act of arson. Turning crisis into opportunity, Mayor Glover declared that tragedy would lead to “...a new day for the Arts!” and the community responded with passion and commitment!  Within months of the fire, City of Shreveport designated the 1922 Central Fire Station as SRAC’s new home, and over 25 private donors contributed nearly 70% of the $6M raised to renovate and re-purpose the historic but unused building to the Central ARTSTATION. 

These generous donations, both large and small, were given with not only love and support for SRAC and the Arts, but more importantly as a commitment to the belief that the fire, SRAC and the Arts could be a much-needed impetus for change for the area; a treasured but long-blighted neighborhood once considered one of the most dynamic areas of Northwest Louisiana. These 9 blocks comprising both the western edge of a vibrant downtown central business district and the eastern edge of Shreveport’s HUD Choice Neighborhood, Ledbetter Heights/Allendale, had deteriorated to boarded up buildings separated by weed-filled concrete lots.

Immediately, SRAC along with strong community partners rallied to the Mayor’s charge to: (1) raise the funds to renovate and re-purpose the fire station to the Central ARTSTATION with more than 65% dedicated to artists and community use; (2) SRAC would lead the charge to revitalize the surrounding area to an Arts-led Creative Community; (3) with a measurable cultural economy; and (4) include a new Gateway into downtown  Shreveport from Interstate 20 via Common Street, passing through Shreveport Common into downtown Shreveport.

Construction of Central ARTSTATION

The Grand Opening!