Shreveport Common Market Assessment

In 2013, a grant from The Community Foundation and a broad-ranging partnership that included the Shreveport Regional Arts Councilthe City of Shreveportthe Parish of Caddo, JP Morgan/Chase, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and the Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation led to the commissioning of a market analysis of Shreveport Common. The finished product was released in February 2014 by New Orleans based TMG Consulting. In January 2015, Shreveport Common team was awarded the American Planning Association-Louisiana Process Award for this very market study.

About TMG Consulting

TMG Consulting provides services to airports, local and state government, business and industry including resort, gaming and recreation enterprises. These services include market assessments, public sector revenue/development impact assessments, economic impact studies, land use and master planning, capital improvement programming and management, zoning analysis, environmental assessment and coordination, benefit-cost analysis and other services. TMG has over 20 years experience and operates out of New Orleans.