Shreveport Common Public Art


In the creation of a community cultural district, the overriding goal is to produce an environment in which all forms of artistic expression and the artists themselves can live and flourish. The Shreveport Common cultural district requires visioning at both ends of the spectrum. This is an existing neighborhood with significant landmarks, not empty acreage along a freeway. There are important cultural, religious, and social institutions, landmarks of another sort at every turn. Now some of those are being restored and given new life, significantly—the Municipal Auditorium – and soon the Central Fire Station, which will introduce the dynamic Shreveport Regional Arts Council into the neighborhood. The goal of this Vision Plan is a custom cultural district, with its own special Shreveport scale, and flavor, a place for emerging arts and artists.

were ROBERT TRUDEAU’S Pen & Ink Sketches titled “Trudeau’s Shreveport


Satirical edge is important to Trudeau.  He shares, “Ideally, my images offer surprises.  Whether it is a fabric pattern that I created or an image of a musician wearing a piece of sculpture, I want to touch your imagination as well as remind you of the importance of artful renderings.”  (November, 2012)

ANNOUNCEMENT (Nov. 30, 2012)
Artists to create NEW Temporary Public Artworks for Shreveport Common:

Leeann Stawasz – A group sculpture of the organic subject of a tree, created from metal. It will be placed in a highly visible location that will ‘grow’ leaves over a period of a few weeks, in contrast to the natural trees that will be dropping their leaves. Through the’ growth’ of the piece I hope that people will reflect on the growth of our city and with the progression of adding leaves, reflect on the appeal of many joining together in unity.

JRyan Artist – A “Greetings from Shreveport Common” 25’x15’ vinyl banner that will be portable and have the ability to be displayed at various events throughout Shreveport Common.

Jeff Morgan – A translucent curtain made of recycled plastic and glass bottles that are to be suspended from rafters and illuminated by solar spotlights.


Artists selected to create Public Artworks for the Central ARTSTATION:

William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg – “Art the dog” (Building size sculpture)
Kathryn Day – “Fire Scroll” (3 chandeliers) 
Jim Hayes & Josh Porter – “Fireman’s Ladder”  (1st Floor Conference Table)
Chris Opp – Reception Desk/Bar
Julie Glass – Mirror
Jim Hayes & Josh Porter- Mirror


Shreveport Common Viaduct Gateway:  No artist selection at this time.  The jurors agreed that the funds currently available for the Gateway are not sufficient to achieve the required impact that will draw drivers from I-20 to the Common Street Viaduct as the entry into downtown, Shreveport.  We are considering “next steps” to achieve the desired funds.  The jurors, public art committee, board members and staff of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council extend our sincere appreciation to all artists who submitted qualifications and to those who were selected to submit proposals for these important projects

More opportunities just around the corner!